Amy De Bhrun and Miriam Babooram are starting a Creative Revolution


Take notice London!  Amy De Bhrun and Miriam Babooram are starting a Creative Revolution.

Tucked away in the up and coming creative district of Haringey, Beyond Arts Centre is run by two passionate and ambitious young ladies.

These two exotic beauties (in a time when Recession becomes a harsh reality for us all) have set up a Creative Arts Centre with absolutely NO funding!!! Who are these entrepreneurial geniuses I hear you ask??

Miriam Babooram is of Mauritian descent and hails from the North of England. She arrived down in the 'big smoke' in 2003 to attend Drama School in Camden, where she met her future business partner a young 19 year old driven and ambitious Irish actress Amy De Bhrun (

7 years later, and with a wealth of experience under their belts (including setting up their own theatre company which has seen support from the likes of Felicity Kendall and Prunella Scales, as well as Acting Credits including Feature Films 'Lovelorn' and 'Bigga than Ben') - they decided to turn their dream into reality...

'Our belief is that Creativity is limitless. It is something that comes through us from a greater source. So if we can go Beyond our own limitations, and go Beyond our perceived notions of Art - what we can create is something truly magical.
Beyond Arts Centre is aimed at Artists of all Creative Disciplines. We run a membership scheme - entitling members to FREE tickets to our monthly 'Shoulders of Giants' and 'Ideas Factory' well as exclusive access to our vast range of workshops, classes, treatments... not to mention discounts on Rehearsal Room hire, Headshots, use of Recording Studios...and much much more.

If we can encourage the collaboration of different Artforms, then just take a moment to imagine how far our Creative Revolution will spread!!'
First there was the Renaissance, then there was the Industrial Revolution....... It is time to take charge of our Creativity - Join the Revolution NOW!!

20th March 2010 - 7pm - Dont be late!

Beyond Arts Centre,
Eade Road Design Centre,
199 Eade Road,
London N6 5PZ

For more information on membership, or for press enquiries - please contact
07886 984 526
Amy De Bhrún




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