Theatre Space Timebank

Free Rehearsal Space for Camden’s Creative Producers through a Theatre Space Timebank 

A month after launching their innovative website for Creative Producers to raise money and volunteers for their fringe shows, the Camden Theatre Consortium have now given another boost to help emerging producers in the recession, by securing rehearsal space for them through a time- banking deal with the local community network “Camden Shares”

The idea behind the Theatre Space Timebank is that the members of the Camden Shares network have offered space in their community venues in return for  Theatre Companies’ offering their creative skills, like drama workshops, to the community network members as part of a reciprocal  exchange of services.

The exchange of services is valued on a time basis, i.e.  an hour for an hour.

Priority will be given to Creative Producers developing work in the Camden borough for showing at one of the fourteen theatres in the Camden Theatre Consortium.

Chris Mellor, Senior Arts Development Officer for LB Camden, who helped facilitate the timebank arrangement said,

“This is another excellent example of how we are continuing to support our freelance producers by helping cut down the cost of mounting a show. In Central London rehearsal rooms can be very expensive and hard to find.

  Our aim is to get emerging companies, often unfunded, to share their creative skills as part of an arrangement to help their long term development and sustainability”.

Creative Producers looking for space should apply through the form enclosed on this site




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