Advice to Producers

Producers can include as many projects as they like on the site. Shows can be in any genre, any size, for any audience, but must have a Camden venue or outdoor site in mind. A list of Camden’s venue managers is available under resources on this site. See the Camden Council website for Parks and Open Spaces

Producers’ Pitches should be around one minute in length. Be concise and highlight the benefits of your project to potential supporters’ i.e. free tickets, programme credits, cast parties?

Make sure your volunteer opportunities are specific roles; give the time commitment you are looking for be realistic, ask for specific skills or services.Budget targets are arrived at by calculating your proposed actual spend and adding to that the value of your volunteer time. Calculate volunteer hours at £10 per hour.

Donations of specific voluntary services ie design of a flyer, should be costed at the professional rate for the job.

Remember to add 10% for Paypal and admin costs for the site, as well as the cost of any “incentives” offered.

A template of a budget is available in resources to help your planning, together with the itc union rates for creative teams.

Set a realistic budget target within the time frame you are giving yourself. It will take time for word to get around unless you actively promote your profile.

Think carefully about your target date. Set it around two weeks before your opening date? You may need time to negotiate your resources on offer if you don’t meet your target.

Producers will get email contacts for potential volunteers, make sure you can follow these up quickly with thanks and explain when you expect the “job” to start. If you need to select from a range of volunteers let them know how you intend to do this and when.

Producers need to add the “volunteer costs” achieved, to your budget target when you confirm and take up any voluntary offers.

Producer’s resources will be paid through Paypal on your target date or sooner minus 10% admin costs. Your account details need to be recorded on your account profile.

Producers are expected to promote your profile through face book and twitter sharing and through your networks. Potential Supporters will expect to be kept informed of your positive production news. Remember Supporters can withdraw support from you until you reach your target.

If a Producer has taken resources and is unable to realise the project then all the resource is to be paid back within one month of the target date.

Any disputes will be resolved by an independent arbiter.Producers intellectual and copyrights are not affected by this scheme.Full terms and conditions published on site. Downloads for a budget planner,Producers Script and outdoor sites enclosed.DOWNLOAD BUDGET PLANNER (Excel) >DOWNLOAD PRODUCER SCRIPT (Word) >

Camden Budget calculator >Open space >

A month after launching their innovative website for Creative Producers to raise money and volunteers for their fringe shows, the Camden Theatre Consortium have now given another boost to help emerging producers in the recession, by securing rehearsal space for them through a time- banking deal with the local community network “Camden Shares”

The idea behind the Theatre Space Timebank is that the members of the Camden Shares network have offered space in their community venues in return for  Theatre Companies’ offering their creative skills, like drama workshops, to the community network members as part of a reciprocal  exchange of services.

The exchange of services is valued on a time basis, i.e.  an hour for an hour.

Priority will be given to Creative Producers developing work in the Camden borough for showing at one of the fourteen theatres in the Camden Theatre Consortium.

Chris Mellor, Senior Arts Development Officer for LB Camden, who helped facilitate the timebank arrangement said,

“This is another excellent example of how we are continuing to support our freelance producers by helping cut down the cost of mounting a show. In Central London rehearsal rooms can be very expensive and hard to find. 

Creative Producers looking for space should apply  to




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