Irish Director Helena Browne (Michael Chekhov Studio, Dublin) teams up with her daughter, London based actress - Amy De Bhrún and fellow members of Solas Theatre Company Miriam Babooram and Amy Hyder for this years Camden Fringe Festival - in what promises to be a Creative Explosion!!

Set at 2AM, the all-female international cast have devised a show which will inspire, excite and take you into the unknown.
A fresh, unique and innovative performance.

A mystical adult fairytale where anything is possible - we invite you to come with us on our magical journey into the theatre of the future. This is our time!

'Solas are committed to the Michael Chekhov technique of acting, developing actors' imaginative response and freeing up their emotional creativity. It seems to be paying dividends if this performance is anything to go by.' - Remotegoat 2008

'Immense passion and unadulterated acting talent' - FringeReport 2008


Amy De Bhrún:

'Striking Amy De Bhrun is blessed with buckets of stage presence and performs brilliantly without indulgence.' - Fringe Report 2008

It is a stark and jutting play ably served by a trio of intelligent performances in Helena Browne’s production.' - Time Out 2007

Miriam Babooram:

'Miriam Babooram is excellent' - Fringe Report 2008.

Amy Hyder:

'Amy Hyder injects lively humour into the action.... She paints a vibrant portrait of a true friend in adversity' - Fringe Report 2008

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