'There was once a deep green paradise full of animals and birds and trees dripping with fruit. 
And it was called Doggerland.

Then the waters came.

Now the waters are rising again.'

A town ravaged by time and decline on the south east coast of England clings to memories of days gone by. 
Three generations of women exist alone in an empty bed and breakfast: guarding secrets, washing, watching, and biding their time.

On the eve of a full moon the youngest brings home a hunted man.

Jonny: Scott Hinds
Nan: Jean Apps
Rosie: Sophie Walton
Bet: Georgina Sowerby

DOGGERLAND is a darkly comic fable with a modern twist on the classic fairytales and their archetypes. It is written by Debbie Kent and directed by Neil Smith and has been specially selected to be staged at the New Diorama ( as part of SCENEPOOL's three-week 'Creative Producers Collective' (

The broad feel of the play is a pinch of Pinter, an itch of Beckett and massaged by Caryl Churchill, but a dark heart all of its own.

It premiered at Barons Court Theatre (21st July-1st August 2010) to great acclaim:

Chris Deal (manager of Barons Court) called it: "An extremely entertaining play, full of shocks and surprises. The black humour is cleverly done, but constant scary twists pierce the humour like an icy knife and send shivers through you for minutes on end. Strongly recommended!" described it as 'Fascinating...a comic tragedy...impressive...claustrophobic and unsettling'.

An audience member referred to it as 'The Domestic Witches of Margate' and 'a breath of fresh air for new writing on the fringe'.

This is the premiere production of CRUCIAL THEATRE, a new theatre company that aims to uncover and share hidden myths (classic and modern). 

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