Even Greedy Bankers Deserve Freedom

Semper Theatre presents:

This re-imagining of Tom Stoppard’s Every Good Boy Deserves Favour brings the story into the present and asks the question – what was going through those banker’s minds?

Being one of the main people responsible for the collapse of the banks, Harvey Brian Oliver Simons found himself the centre of hate campaigns and death threats.  Scared for his life but fearing that no one could be trusted he has commited himself, hopeful that with the walls of a mental institution he is safe.

When he arrives he finds a room mate who is convinced a rock band follows him around and a doctor who seems more concerned with confusing him than helping him.  And when his brother joins forces with a determined journalist in order to get him released, it appears that the perfect plan just might have a few flaws.

With the help of a live on stage band  EGBDF takes a farcical look at financial systems, poor journalism and creepy politicians.

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