November 5thwill be a special day for Katie – her 16thbirthday.

Katie wants to eat cake and Love Hearts till she goes pop.

Claire wants to be the special one in the spotlight for once.

Danny wants to jump on his bike and give her full throttle.

But what does Alex want, and who will the finger point at as the Bad Guy who has to burn?

One thing’s for sure: there will be fireworks.

Fireworks is a play about special needs: the need we all have to feel special.  It is about the claustrophobia of family life versus the allure of an open road and open sky.  It is about broken promises and lost innocence.  It also explores the moral minefields of reality TV and the obesity epidemic.

Claire and Danny’s 15 year old daughter Katie has Prader-Willi Syndrome, a condition characterised by insatiable appetite, learning difficulties and behavioural problems.  The Scaper family agree that Alex, a documentary film maker, can move into the family home and film their day to day life using hidden cameras.

As the play develops, rivalries drive all four characters to manipulate and deceive each other.  Although there are moments of attraction, tenderness and camaraderie, a packet of Love Hearts, a cracked combination code, a missing jigsaw piece, new red lingerie, and a serious allegation move the play towards a darkly explosive climax.

This story is equally ‘about’ all four of the characters.  The shifting balance of sympathy and blame makes it difficult to determine who the ‘Bad Guy’ really is.  The play explores parental and personal responsibility and the question of what – and who – we are willing to sacrifice for the sake of family life.

 ‘Intriguing and disquieting’ – Hampstead Theatre

 ‘The loss of innocence in the context of learning difficulties and behavioural problems, and the relative impact on family life is an important subject matter’ Soho Theatre

written by Valerie Jack

directed by Kirsty Lothian

starring Simon Desborough, Colin Jeffery, Bethan Knight and Natalie Wilcox 

10% of money raised here, and any money raised beyond the £600 target, will be donated to the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association.  We will also be holding a collection for the charity at the theatre throughout the show’s run.  Prader-Willi Syndrome is a condition characterised by an insatiable appetite, learning difficulties and behavioural problems.  See for more information.

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