Muscles the Musical

Sex, Pecs and Rock’n’Roll, ‘Muscles the Musical’ will change your life.  The 1980s threw up Schwarzenegger and Stallone, but here in the UK we had.... Brian!  With every step and curl he dedicated his body to fighting The American Way - and the women who invaded his space.  Take sides.  Bring your body to this great new show.

 It is rare for a show to be the result of collaboration between an actress and a bishop and ‘Muscles the Musical’ was not.  However, have you heard the one about the vicar and the producer....?

The ‘vicar’ is John Telfer, Alan in Radio 4’s ‘The Archers’; the sometime ‘producer’ of ‘The Archers’ is Alec Reid.  John’s music and Alec’s words have created a setting where one person’s self-improvement could lead to another’s downfall.  Our hero Brian takes the hard route to physical perfection.  Waxed, oiled and buffed, he wants to use his body to change the world.  Surrounded by women, he isn’t looking for love, but his muscles attract an unexpected admirer. 

The action takes place during the 1980s, at a time when the intense marketing of exercise and fitness techniques began to engage with the general public.  People sat and watched Jane Fonda workout videos for hours.  Thousands joined health clubs and leapt around in classes for about half an hour.  Twenty-five years later, new gyms are still springing up at an alarming rate.

Exercise is good for you, yes, but it can also look damn funny.  That it can so often look sexy is just a bonus, but it is a bonus audiences for ‘Muscles the Musical’ will be able to enjoy with no effort at all.

The show will feature physical perfection, suspense, 20 songs, love, lust and romance enough to drench the world in chocolate.  Which brings us back to the gym....

‘Muscles the Musical’, directed by John-Jackson Almond, will receive its West End premier at the Shaw Theatre.  With your help we hope the show will go on to take the world by storm.

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