Sherlock (abridged)

Can Holmes solve the mystery of the hound of the Baskervilles and 27 other crimes before Moriarty tightens his grip? And just who does keep sending postcards from Reichenbach Falls? Featuring music from Erik Weiner (Bombitty of Errors and Famous Last nerds).




When Holmes and Watson feed the complete works of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic detective novels into a computer, the intrepid duo must solve all of the mysteries at once in what may turn out to be the definitive detective story.




 Sherlock (abridged) is the hilarious second collaboration between Matthew Woodcock, Peter Davis and Producer Frazer Brown, under the Theatre (abridged) banner. Their original production Hamlet (abridged) co-written with comedian Simon Kane made its debut at the 2008 Camden Fringe and was a critical hit. They return full force bringing their frenetic energy and surreal wit to the world’s greatest detective (outside of batman) and his trusted half simian sidekick What-son! 

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