TUTU TANGO & THE MODEL WIFE deliciously sandwiched with burlesque from the wonderful AMBER TOPAZ.

A hundred years ago Dr Arthur Shnitzler wrote a series of vignettes called ROUND DANCE. In essence they showed society what they were really like, decadent and emotionally uncaring. They didn't like what they saw leaving the theatres protesting in their droves. Since then of course he's recognised as a genius recieving plaudits from the likes of Freud. Dean Stalham, TIME OUTS TIP FOR TOP and once described as 'PINTER ON SPEED', has taken two of them and has bought them bang up to date and into the 21st century, deliciously sandwiched between two burlesque dances by the wonderful AMBER TOPAZ. This hour long show is contemporary yet harks of the past. When the two meet thats when planets collide and sparks really fly! A show not to miss

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