The Child, The Seed And The Soldier

The Child, The Seed And The Soldier is a new play by the experimental French theatre director, Sylvie Gral, which was translated into English by Laurie Jesson and Carolyn Saint-Pe. It takes as its starting point the real-life double bomb attack by two women in a Baghdad marketplace on 1 February 2008 which killed 98 innocent people and left 200 others wounded.  In an oasis on the border of the desert, the story of The Child, The Seed And The Soldier unravels, examining the ideas and actions of four fictional characters in relation to the bombs.

LOURA is an Iraqi who, after finding her son dead in the market following the bomb attack, descends into madness and convinces herself that he will return. KIM is a valiant and whimsical soldier who seems to have fought in wars throughout history, and is constantly in search of conquest. HENRI LOUIS has lost the key to his apartment in the desert, and is intent on finding it. ARIA meanwhile, is a European who lives as a washerwoman in the oasis.

Examining the interactions of these four individuals, The Child, The Seed And The Soldier considers not only religious fundamentalism, tragedy, and the nature of war, but also personal destinies and aspirations, passion and conviction.

The Child, The Seed And The Soldier was written by Sylvie Gral, a French playwright and composer. She is also a seasoned painter, and this production combines her interests in music, text, and visual imagery, to create a dazzlingly colourful and inventive hour of theatre using weird and wonderful masks, props and percussion.

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