The Clock Master

After selling-out shows during our first ever production of The Clock Master last year, Sparkle and Dark's Travelling Players are bringing the show to The Roundhouse for the Camden Fringe Festival with more puppetry, animation and magical madness!

"The take is now ticking, the cogs turn hereafter.

                        And the telling is mine, for I am the Clock Master!"


Behind every object, no matter how ‘broken, bust or boring’, there is a story bursting to be told! The Clock Master is an ensemble devised piece of highly creative, visual storytelling using reclaimed and unwanted materials to do so, invoking the real power of the audience’s imagination. 

Using different forms of puppetry, projected animation and live music, a cast of four actors and one musician proceed to tell the story of the Clock Master; a quirky, mischievous old man who is posing as a repairman in a clockwork repair shop.  When an unpleasant young girl enters hoping too sell off an old, broken pocket watch, the Clock Master is inspired to tell her three short, magical but dark stories, teaching her the value behind seemingly old and dull clockwork objects.  The young girl must then choose to sell or keep her pocket watch… but will she realise the watch’s own dark secret before then? As the Clock Master weaves his tales, we also learn that stories themselves can be tricky things, not to be trusted.  So, we inevitably ask the question; can you really trust a storyteller?

Reviews for the Clock Master:

“The Clock Master by Sparkle and Dark’s Travelling Players was real treat. I couldn’t quite work out if it was aimed at children or adults, but that’s not really the point. This is very much from the Angela Carter school of fairy tales as they aren’t afraid to step into sinister, macabre territory, all of the stories have a sting in the tail and are full of cryptic messages. There was such a creative use of puppetry and props (the origami birds were particularly delightful) and the music was lovely. I really hope to see more from this multi-talented troop of actors, story-tellers, puppeteers and musicians. Enchanting.”

Lady in The Dark, Oct 2009 - Julia Rank, Theatre and literary critic


Please view our website at for more feedback from the public and also photos of the production itself.

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