The Irish Wake of Paddy McGrath with guest appearance from Eileen Pollock (Lilo Lil from Bread)

The Irish Wake of Paddy McGrath’ is set deep in the west of Ireland house using pro and semi-pro actors. A hilarious play telling of life after death as the characters visit the house of the late Paddy McGrath, the town’s favourite son who is lying in his coffin to be view by all of those that knew him, even the village idgits. They tell of their experiences in his life and reveal very funny stories, secrets and thoughts of him along the way. The stories continue to unfold at the wake, and afterwards back at the house.

There have been plays written and performed about Irish wakes before but not like the Irish wake of paddy McGrath.

The only tears you will see flow are tears of laughter,

When you have great characters in the play like

 Shamus the village idgit and Martha the nosy neighbour who have a love hate relations between the two of them.

 Then add fanny McBride who is as daft as a brush and turns up when she shouldn’t be there,

See Bridget who is eight months pregnant, moan about the baby inside her and father omalley trying to keep the peace.

See what happens when Mick the landlord puts money in paddy’s pocket so he can buy himself a drink when he gets to heaven

Then there’s Tommy the son who never misses a trick and his beautiful girlfriend Kathleen, not forgetting Mary the widow

Who is everyone’s friend?

Listen to the stories and songs as the cast take you through from start to finish in this wonderful hilarious Irish comedy.

We will keep the kettle on the boil

And hope you come along and join in the fun with all of us


things are buzzing among the cast members now that  rehearsing is in full swing
and that the lovely eileen pollock has got herslf more involved with the play
so much so that she seems to have taken some of the younger cast under her wings.
everyone involved with the play would like to offer our thanks to the wonderful hannah neale
who has designed us a great poster, so anyone out there  needs a illustrator get in touch with hannah neale.
the only concern we have at the moment, is how are we going to get the audience to go home after the show
every night as we are confident they will be enjoying themselves so much they will want to stay on.
we cant wait for our own wakes so we to can join in the FUN

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