The Show of the Night

A hen party spiralling out of control; a funeral riddled with tension and in-fighting. Perennial Theatre Company presents the culmination of its 18-month training and rehearsal period with a show that asks what happens when celebration and grief clash by night.

As the hens contend with failing transport, missed bookings and preparations gone-to-waste, funeral-goers argue over a fitting final farewell for a beloved teacher.  Struggling to keep their respective nights on track, both parties wind up in the same bar where a disillusioned barman plays host to the perilous event of hens and mourners competing for the spotlight. The Show of the Night brings to the stage life with all its inherent theatricality.  Expect a frenzy of costume malfunctions, missed cues, staging disasters and cat-fights.

Formed in January 2009, Perennial Theatre Company is a growing ensemble of theatre artists committed to functioning as a permanent theatre company.  Perennial prides itself on acting that is truly alive and aims toshare with audiences living, breathing events full of raw and real human experience. 

The Show of the Nightis the product of a lengthy devising process.   Though very much a scripted piece, it owes its origin to improvisations performed by the actors over many months.  The Show of the Night represents a genuinely collaborative effort involving the creative inputs of all Perennial members.

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