The Waiting Game

A Group of petty criminals are holed up in a disused flat waiting to do a job nearby. Well, most of them, one of them is stuck in the toilet.

The Waiting Game holds a magnifying glass to the subtle shifts in power between the characters, the verbal exchanges, ticks and the tension that engulfs these hapless crooks.

Set in real-time, the play invites the audience to become "flies on the wall" in a scenario that is not just funny, but at times, bubbling close to boiling point, so that at any moment it will spill over, unravelling what is already a tenuous, thin string of a plan.

This dialogue fuelled play constantly places hurdles in the protagonists' way causing uncertainty, confusion and paranoia that pushes them to their limits. Although most incidents are caused by their own ineptitude, none of them had anticipated the arrival of a dead white rabbit, which plunges them into the life of the flats previous occupant, and unknown to them, holds the key to an escape. It's literally sitting in their laps.

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