Wages of Sin

I am writing on behalf of Barefaced Theatre, a London based, site-specific company producing ambitious but accessible theatre focusing on strong storytelling, strong physicality and strong women’s roles.  We aim to produce at least three site-specific productions per year, exploring both classical and new writing to deconstruct contemporary urban society’s ongoing conflicts of interest.  It is a dual mission for the love of writing and a passion for performing. 
Barefaced are currently seeking funding for our next production, provisionally entitled ’Wages of Sin’, and believe people or organisations may like the opportunity to support a young but ambitious company of professional actors, writers, artists and directors who have grouped together to produce work that engages a modern, London audience. 

‘Wages of Sin’, to be directed by Rob Watt, will be a bold and innovative insight into 4 of history’s most interesting & prolific prostitutes; Theresa Berkley a 19th Century Dominatrix, Marie Duplessis, the famous French courtesan, Polly Adler, a New York 1920’s brothel madam with heavy links to the mob and Valerie Solanas, American prostitute turned assassin.  This is an ensemble, heavily stylised piece that recounts all their dark and at times humorous stories, what links all these extraordinary women, is their commitment to the sex trade. The 45 minutes production is scheduled to take place late October/Early November at a private sex dungeon in Central London (Near Warren Street Tube), 2-3 shows per evening for 4 nights to an intimate audience of 15 people per show with 2 gala performances to include drinks reception within the venue itself. 

It is vital that Barefaced Theatre obtains this sponsorship to assist with the cost of rehearsal space and also secure the site-specific locations our work requires.  Recent projects include a Gallery in Shoreditch for our sold-out political satire ‘Candidates for Change: The Road to Con-Dem-Nation’ which had segments recorded by BBC Wales for programme on the recent election, transforming an empty shop in Brixton Market into a nail-salon for the self-devised production ‘Hard as Nails’ and a performance of ‘Measure for Measure’, which occurred in the Crypt of St Andrews Church, Holborn, as part of a recent Shakespeare festival. 
We would be grateful if you would consider supporting the development of ‘Wages of Sin’ and are happy to meet with investors to discuss the project and supply them with complimentary tickets to the shows and any fundraising activities we host.
Should you have any questions regarding Barefaced or our productions, please feel free to contact me on 07941 017818.  Alternatively, please visit our company website for full details regarding the company, its members and its vision.
Yours faithfully,

Thomas Matthews

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