Feedback from Creative Producers Meetings May 24/ 29th


Further to our discussions with around 70 small scale producers we note the following issues-



Producers are looking for venue managers to better understand the nature of their work; they want theatre programmers/directors to have a stake in their work from the beginning. This requires a long term relationship of mutual support and a degree of investment from the venue in time or money.


Producers want more creative ways to trade with venues; they want to be able to trade skills for space, access to unused theatre spaces would be welcome, as well as more peer mentoring opportunities.


Producers want theatres to work together to provide better and more consistent information on their spaces, audiences and policies and how they want producers’ approaches and pitches to be made.


Producers want more small scale venue mangers to mentor and “adopt” emerging producing talent and make them part of their “outreach” work.



Producers recognise the value of using social media networking to grow supporters, which in turn lead to developing audiences. Social networking techniques that are integrated into the theatre production process should be available to learn through regular networking and training.


With the loss of the fringe review meetings, it was recognised that there is no longer a support group to help producers. Most producers supported the idea of regular meetings to help reduce isolation and encourage self help.

Camden Council’s role in setting up a producer’s website, encouraging theatre time banking and working with ScenePool to provide a showcase platform for producers was welcomed.


Producers were unsure who should be leading the sector that provides support and training to them. The ITC was not felt to be engaging with the part time producers enough to support them as they moved into full time producing with confidence.

 It was noted that the Equity Fringe Committee had equally not reached out to assist producers either.


For further info tel Chris Mellor 0207 974 1652







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